Video. IMEX arcSterile

The only arcSterile foldable controlled environment booth is marketed through IMEX. Video with explanation.

Spazio Salute Arco Sterile for the treatment of maculopathies

First episode of Spazio Salute dedicated to the sterile arch for the treatment of maculopathies

New concept of portable cabins: Data sheet by IMEX

New concept in foldable and portable laminar flow cabinets. Document in pdf of the technical sheet of the product.

Foldable operating rooms with laminar flow: a profitable luxury

The incorporation of ArcSterile® has allowed the treatment of a greater number of patients than previously treated in the conventional operating room.

Success of the ArcSterile controlled environment cabin at the La Fe Hospital in Valencia

First public hospital with the new ArcSterile system. This cabin allows you to recreate the aseptic conditions of an operating room, as well as electrical safety conditions.

Intravitreal Injections in Arc Sterile Setting

Intravitreal Injections in Arc Sterile Setting: Safety Profile after More Than 10,000 Treatments

Arc Sterile TV program

The second sterile arch in Puglia presented in the Trani hospital. Let's see what it is

Arc Sterile by Ellerre Trade

Italian information from Ellerre Trade

Opinion and description by Helzia

"It is a laminar flow cabin that allows to carry out a wide range of surgical interventions..."

US Patent & Trademark Office, Patent Full Text and Image Database

United states Patent. Laminar flow operating theatre.

Cabin for air quality control

Technical characteristics by IMEX

Models, versions and technical sheets according to IMEX

Documentation of models, versions and technical sheets in PDF format.

Arc Sterile US Patent nº 10,231,892

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