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What is Arc Sterile?

It is a laminar flow cabin that allows to carry out a wide range of surgical interventions, and makes it possible to enable new areas of surgery, increasing the installed capacity in clinics and hospitals.

It has a system of impulsion and filtration of air (HEPA) that generates a sterile horizontal laminar flow. The laminar flow sweeps particles from the environment, or is generated during the same process, moving them outside the critical area beyond the surgical field.

The equipment guarantees an air quality (ISO 5) in the surgical field, throughout the duration of the surgical process, and maintains the level of suspended particles in the air below the preset limits thanks to ultrafiltration, laminarity , Air renewal and dynamic overpressure.

Its flexibility and robustness make it valid to be operated in centers that need to increase its capacity, creating new workflows to derive minor procedures.

It is also useful for quickly and economically reaching rural or isolated areas, and can even be operated on mobile units.

How does it work?

The equipment can be installed in any room within 3 hours, and only needs a power outlet to be operated. In a matter of minutes it can begin to be used for the first surgical procedure, and significantly shorten the recovery time between patient and patient compared to a conventional operating room.

 It also has an isolated, autonomous electrical system that allows it to run for 120 minutes in the event of an unexpected power outage, and which protects it against possible surges.

 After installation, each unit is verified by a company accredited by the EMA, which certifies performance levels and air quality. Helzia also offers a maintenance policy that covers the operations of preventive maintenance, corrective and replacement of filters and fungibles.

 ArcSterile is a smart and flexible solution to ensure the safety of your patients.

Arc Sterile US Patent nº 10,231,892

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