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Aluminum structure, folding walls and front opening for patient entry.
Sterile horizontal laminar flow columns for air delivery with two-stage filtration: PREFilters G3 and HEPA (99.99% efficiency).
Recirculation of air in the room, sucking, filtering, introducing sterile air into the critical area and repeatedly returning it to the room.
Electronic air speed control and alarm activation due to filter saturation.
Available modules that facilitate compliance with the technical requirements for enabling surgical spaces.
Available surgical lighting module and available biological control module.
Availability of computer module and central video system.

Implanted Arc Sterile models:

Paris – France (Model arcsterile MB25 + M1)
Oirschot – Netherland (Model arcsterile MB25 + M1)
Weinheim – Germany (Model arcsterile MB25 + M1 + M2)
Amiens – France (Model arcsterile MB20 + M1)
Valencia – Spain (Arcsterile model M30 + M1 + M2)
Barcelona – Spain (Model arcsterile M25 + M1)
Albacete – Spain (Arcsterile model M30 + M1 + M2 + BT38)
Madrid – Spain (Arcsterile model M30 + M1 + M2 + SA1)
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