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Technical characteristics

1- Maximum air purity

ArcSterile: total laminated horizontal flow in a static situation. The other cabins generate turbulences and air impurities.

2- Elimination of turbulences / orientated flow

The source of the air flow describes an arc parallel to the surgical area, and is a new advance is that it commutes the air flow depending on the zone of the intervention, be it from the right or left, and eliminates any turbulence.

3- PC and I.T. system compatible with the ArcSterile software

Air Pressure and velocity measurements may be taken during the intervention.

4- Adjustable flow velocity in modules

From 20 to 50 cm/sec.

Depends on the necessity of each intervention.

5- Adds in a positioning system for a double reference:

Laser lines that define the area of maximum performance; all this facilitates the diligent positioning of the stretcher wheels.

6- Quick and easy assembly:

7- Mobile

Seeks to obtain correct position of the patient.

Easy to handle and maneuver.

8- Monitor screen

Visualizes diagnosis tests: Radiographs, OCT, surgeries, radiography (x-rays).

9- Double USB connection

Saves recorded images, displays them on screen, and records procedures.

10- Reconverts the operating theater

Complex surgical operations, susceptible to infection (example: organ transplants).

11- Timer and stop-watch

Measurement of time of intervention, anesthesia time

12- Uninterrupted feed system: UFS

Duration: 20 minutes of autonomy.

13- Closure module*

To activate the positive pressure function in those procedures which require it.

14- Compatible with microscopes

The careening of the UNIVERSAL microscope and the porous micro-lined material prevent air turbulence.

15- Video camera*

This allows the recording of surgical procedures and that they be recorded and saved on your PC.

16- Dimensions

17- BT 38*

Electrical system meeting the standards of Good Surgical Practice and Regulations.

Includes an insulated system of 8 sockets, transformer and insulation monitor.

UFS of 120 minutes for the ArcSterile when working and an additional 400W.

18- Conductive floor*