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The advantages of Arcsterile

1- Sterile orientated horizontal laminated flow:
  • It does not provoke the normal obstacles in traditional operating theaters (vertical flow), or interfere with the surgeon’s head or instruments (light).
  • Cuts out air turbulence or drafts, maintaining the utmost laminarity in the flow at all times.
  • It does not get in the way of the existing ventilation systems and does not need installation and therefore cuts out laborious assembly.
  • Flow commutation (from right to left), depending on the place where the intervention is effected.
2- Eliminates surgical infections
  • ArcSterile scores an ISO 5 grade at the place of the intervention
  • It reduces the number of microorganisms in the air (bacteria, fungus and virus)
  • It prevents the sedimentation or deposit of microorganisms inside wounds and cuts
3- Sterile intervention independently of:
  • The type of intervention
  • The duration of the intervention
  • The patient’s basal state
4- Increases the number of operating theaters in a hospital:
  • The traditional structures of hospitals do not allow the creation of new surgical spaces.
5- Great fold away possibilities, and mobile unit:
  • The rooms and theaters become multi-functional.
  • Fully effective in a reduced surgical space.
  • Ensures efficient possibilities to maneuver.
6- Cost reduction:
  • ArcSterile apparatus is cost efficient.
  • The procedures in the theater:
    • Cost per hour of using the operating theater:
      • Traditional operating theater 1.200 €/h - (1.620) $/h
    • Increases the number of procedures/h (higher patient turnover)
  • Makes possible new rooms for surgery at an efficient price
  • Reduction in costs derived from surgical infections
    • Reduces hospitalizations
    • New procedures
    • Antibiotic therapies
    • Reduces claims from patients

    As published on 5 February 2009 in the EcoDiario, the President of the General Board of Nursing declared that preventing healthcare infections could save the Spanish health service 448 million €.

  • Can be used immediately without installation.
7- Reduces the waiting list for surgical procedures:
  • Reduces the saturation of conventional operating theaters.
  • According to data from the The Spanish Board of Health for all Territories, on 31 December 2008, there were 364.397 patients awaiting a surgical operation in Spain.
  • The average waiting time for a surgical intervention was 71 days (figures from the Spanish Ministry of Health and Social Policy).