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ArcSterile is a new foldable concept for the operating theater. It is fitted with a sterile orientated horizontal laminated flow for use in surgical operations of:

  • The head
  • The trunk (chest and abdomen)
  • Genito urinary tract
  • Infiltrations
  • The upper and lower extremities

What is it useful for, and what are its strong points?

Ensures a higher quality of the surgical interventions carried out in traditional operating theaters, reducing the number of surgical infections in interventions taking more than one hour, and in interventions which require the highest sterilization level due to the significant risk of infection, and even mortality: neurological, and oncologic operations, transplants, and in neonatology and immunosupression.

Makes fully operative surgical rooms (pre-surgeries and clean rooms) so they can be used for minor interventions and Major Surgery in mobile surgery units.

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